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After Your Operation

Recovery Room: After the operation, you may be taken to the recovery room. Recovery staff will be with you at all times. When they are satisfied that you have recovered safely from your anaesthetic you will be taken back to the ward.

Pain Relief: Good pain relief is important and some people need more pain relief than others. Your anaesthetist will make sure that you are comfortable afterwards. Occasionally, pain is a warning sign that all is not well, so you should ask for help when you feel pain.

Anti-sickness Drugs: You will also be given drugs to PREVENT nausea and vomiting.

Discharge: NO sooner than 2 hours after the operation.

Up to 24 hours after your General Anaesthetic:

  • DO NOT drive
  • DO NOT drink alcohol
  • DO NOT operate machinery
  • DO NOT sign legal documentation
  • Need a responsible Adult to look after you

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